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tv   [untitled]    February 19, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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kind of other weapons. is there a line that identify is that? >> 040 is the materials and supplies. >> under your proposed budget, that goes down by $82,000, is that correct. that is going to be a special fund that is in the decrease, not a general fund. >> is there the idea that remains constant or goes up? >> it goes up. >> will there be discussion as to whether or not to field additional weapons, whether they are tasers or some kind of other lethal weapon. will there be a budget for that?
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>> there is no budget for additional weapons. there is a number of alternate funding sources. >> in the current proposed budget, there is no funding if we choose to direct a department. there is no funding for that in the proposed budget. >> not specifically. >> thank you. >> i am not ready to vote on this. i'm wondering if we can wait and to do this next week? >> i was confused over the language myself. i am happy to come back if you would like further discussions.
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i would come back through either the mayor's office or the board of supervisors to continue talking about how the budget is progressing. >> is there some sort of action item required? you know the dates. tell us that what last that this is very quickly. >> traditionally, the commission has voted on whether to support of the department's budget and send it to the mayor's office. it is my understanding that the department may submit a budget without the commission having voted on it or has been approved it. >> i am not ready to vote on it. we have a lot of matters that we are getting through. i'm not ready to vote on this.
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i want to point out that language access is a huge concern. we will give you some time to look at it. every year, i don't see it anywhere. >> the language access would not be called out. it would fall -- the >> i would like to explain to us. every time when we talk about access, the push back is the budget issue. i want to make sure that we talked about that. >> if we will not take any
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action -- >> can this be the last one? >> i got this 30 minutes ago and i was trying to read it. this is difficult for me. this is just one word to describe things. i would like to know. i like to know about some kind training. i am looking at this for training. what would we be losing? i get a really good idea of what
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the officer attrition rate is that we have going. the number of officers that would have to be laid off. there is more specific information. i am wondering what the cost would be to the department and where they expect that money? >> my question is that anyone who has experience on the budget. what are the implications of the department's going forward with at their meeting next week without the support of the commission? generally we have some.
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i don't know if it will make any kind of difference practically speaking. >> there is the effort on the budget and we can do this with more clarity. thank you for your presentation. i would echo what you said which is that my understanding is
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that the mayor's office can't control this budget and it is important for the commission to understand what goes into the budget, how it is made up, and the budget will be proposed by the mayor and to negotiate with and passed by the board of supervisors. at this specific line items, i think we need to be responsive to the commissioners and do our best to get us answers. i am not quite sure how some of the commissioners requests will be penciled out when we have plans that have not been finalized. the plans that we agreed to regarding mental health. we will have to come back and a month and a pencil out the resolution. but there was going to be some new separate training that has
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not already been budgeted or that the nearly thousand officers that have been trained already would need to be extensively retrained. while i appreciate the need and we do need to be responsive, i think that your task is to be -- that there has been no proposal made. i'm not sure how you budget for this. i'm not sure how you can account for those contingencies. and we will do our best to work through it.
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>> it looks like you have your work cut out for you. we have a motion. >> mr. president. >> that the budget that was just talked about, we have not budgeted any money for tasers. that budget was not adjusted for that.
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i will not pay $82,000 a day. this is for launches, breakfast, we will not pay that kind of money. we will do the train to make sure that that is cost- effective. my analysis of this model is said it is cheaper. if this is for free versus the cost that the chief was concerned about, this needs to be trained in this issue so that this is a cheaper model. >> i'm getting so much support, i'm getting phone calls and e- mail that by to be part of this. we ran out of the money. >> will be reversed the trend?
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will we ask that to take that to account. we cannot do it in 30 minutes
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with these line items. >> we will come back with a much more detailed report. >> i'm not sure that we have to have any action. this agenda has to take possible action. >> i will withdraw the motion and just ask that we have a sense of when we will come back to this issue. do we have a sense of when we can come back about this? >> i can answer this within a couple of days. as far as the training and of the question about tasers, we don't have any plans on which we can face a cost model at this point. i can put a dollar figures on
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that once this is realized and in a more concrete manner. >> let's set a time with the commission and availability. >> we need to look at the calendar a little bit later on. we will go line by line on this. >> thank you very much. public comment on this item. >> once again, i am standing before you based on the budget. you are operating or acting as though the grand jury did not investigate and the union and claim pensions and salaries were going to bankrupt san francisco by 2018.
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all of this you are talking about will not do anything to reduce the police budget. the president of united states has called for a wage freeze on the federal agenda you have any police pension and salary situation that is climbing by 10% a year. you're talking about this like is happening.
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you were sitting back here talking about issues and i want to know why you did not have a copy of the budget. i have been watching this for so long and i am sick of it. you have commissions here that don't act like commissions.
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this is a date, this is paychecks, you will hire police chiefs at 5 under thousand dollars a year. thank you. -- you will hire police chiefs at $500,000 a year. >> i am a proud resident of san francisco and a former senior police secretary.
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i don't want to see the city going down the tubes. i am a bonafide in that case -- nutcase compliments of my husband. on one side of being a nut cake, you have a predator who does not plan on doing crime at the sign. that is a mental person.
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they transfer to the closest police station and i have a rap sheet. i have yet to see any of my reports. i passed my written test with a perfect score. when i hear about all of this mental training for our police officers, it means they are supposed to be shocked before they can take action.
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i will again state might ex husband took part in the assassination of a california highway patrol officer. there was a california highway patrolman shot just from walking down the front stairs of that building. isn't it nice to make sure that he has a clean record the matter what? thank you. >> the taser issue was talked
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about last night. overwhelming support. the cost savings. we have workers' compensation for our officers. is more than the gross domestic product for most nations states. if he wanted to save $476 million, you can go ahead and cancel this commission. at this point, take a look.
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the evidence will show that the defendants mazzucco and marshall and others are guilty of fenocic - -genoci -- genocide. they are guilty of treason of the united states constitution. they are also guilty of conspiracy to commit these. in the 2010 report demonstrated that there is a disproportionate number of people filing complaints against the 7 it is police department.
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-- against the san francisco police department. conspiracy is this agenda. the constitution of the united states provides a disclosed opportunity, the difference between 5/3 and the total po pulation of u.s. prisons is 39%. the black population drops, that is evidence of genocide by the san francisco police
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department. it is estimated details. the solution has been solved by mr. john wilson. john "indiana jones" wilson. [chime] president mazzucco: your time is up, thank you. public comment? may i call item number three? >> the occ director's report. possible action to provide instruction to the department and the 2010 first amendment
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compliant thought it pursuant to department general order 8.10. >> on february 2, i presented a letter to this commission outlining newhall the budget instructions as with every other city departments. we were asked to provide a 10% budget reduction that amounted to $235,000 to propose another $235,000 for contingency reduction. as i advised to end the annual report as well as the letters i provided on february 2, those reductions would be the result of personnel reductions.
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for the first round of cuts, should they be taken in by the mayor and the budget office, it would result in the layoff of a couple of clerical positions as well as a vacant investigator position. any reduction in clerical staff would increase the workload of the investigators already have an extremely high caseload as compared to a best practices caseload. as a result, the study that we did where investigators documented the time they spent on various tasks, the reduction in clerical staff could result in the voting 25% of their time.
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with regard to the contingency reduction and, another position would be eliminated and we would have to eliminate the mediation program because we have to lay off the attorney, leaving me with only three attorneys, two of whom are dedicated to prosecuting cases before the police commissioner, during sustainability with drafting a sustained reports. the third attorney that would remain as the attorney that provides a policy analysis to the office of citizen complaints is a charter mandated activity where they are charged to a providing policy analysis that would serve to enhance
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community police relations. and the attorney that provides a policy analysis is also engaged in providing a sustainability when and addressing your report. it concludes my report with the police department and other city departments. this history of this commission and not approving the budget of the department. this commissioned in protest to a possible budget cuts they would have to take chose not to endorse the budget. how about i was obligated to submit it. that concludes my remarks. >> director hicks, your budget
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in total is a line-item. >> that is correct. >> can you help us understand a little bit more how your total number comes about in terms of being part of the total department's budget? how that determines if? >> this is the budget that was adopted. it was some years back with some fluctuations dependent on whether additional investigators were added. there is no guaranteed percentage of the police department's budget. there is a floor below which
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investigators cannot fall. that is one investigator for every 150 police officers. that would only be a minimum staffing levels of 15 investigators. also in the 2007 controllers thought it, they pointed out that having a this for probably was not the best tool to determine staffing needs. what should be looked at is the number of cases per investigator to determine what the staffing level should be based on a and. i would say that


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